Best of Westchester

Last Wednesday night we joined over 100 vendors and 3000 people at Glen Island Harbor Club in New Rochelle to celebrate The Best of Westchester. This is Westchester Magazine’s annual event featuring all the shops and restaurants and businesses voted by either the editors or the readers as being the best in in the county. We brought thousands of pieces of chocolate with us to give out as samples and the most popular were the chocolate covered potato chips. We made a fun tropical display paying homage to the origins of the cacao.

This was our 4th year at the show. We previously won for Best Truffle in Westchester and Best Place to Spend a Friday Afternoon with Kids. These past two years we were voted best chocolate shop in Westchester by the readers which means our wonderful customers actually took the time to go online and vote for us. That is so awesome! So this blog post is just about saying thank you to all of our loyal customers, especially those who voted for us. It is also an invitation to anyone out there who has never been here to come see why we were voted the best.