Corporate Gifts

Have you searched for a sweet way to say “thank you” to customers for their business or referrals? Look no further — we have the answer for you!
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Dipped Creations

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
What do we dip in chocolate? It’s easier to answer what we DON’T dip in chocolate: tires, pencils, shoes, rubber bands, tools or children!
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Ice Cream

Ice Cream Sundae
Have you ever had homemade hot fudge sauce? We make ours on premises with our delicious chocolate and you can only imagine how rich and decadent it is!
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Make Your Own Bar

custom made chocolate bars
Have you ever dreamed of creating your very own candy bar made just the way you like it? Want to give it a try? We will customize a bar for you and even name it after you. One such bar is the Allison Bar: white chocolate, Oreos and mint chips.
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Molded Chocolate

Thank goodness we have a very large basement because we have a LOT of molds! In fact, THOUSANDS! Chances are, we have the perfect mold for your gift or favors.
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Rice Crispy Cakes

Rice Crispy Cake
What could be better than a Rice Crispy Treat? A giant Rice Crispy Treat. That’s right, Chocolations specialized in creating one of a kind, delicious cake creations made from Rice Crispy Treats!
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Rich, smooth and beautifully decorated. There’s nothing quite like biting into the smooth ganache center of a premium quality gourmet chocolate truffle. Filled with a rich, chocolate blend that melts in your mouth, these silky truffles are the chocolate lover’s dream.
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Wedding Favors

Corporate Gift
We are pros when it comes to weddings and have been acknowledged in several different newspapers and magazines for our elegant wedding favors. We offer a variety of decadent chocolates and other sweets that will surely impress your guests and can accommodate any theme and any sized party with proper notice.
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