Beverages: Hot & Cold

iced-coffeeOur rich, thick, delicious Frozen Hot Chocolate is a year round treat not to be missed when you stop into Chocolations. Save room for our decadent milk shakes and malteds and our fresh fruit smoothiesNEVER made with mixes or ice.

When the temperatures dip, all eyes turn to our ‘sipping chocolate machine’. This dispenses a rich, thick sipping chocolate that is as decadent as can be. We are THE place for a warm, comforting cup of hot cocoa replete with a swirl of whipped cream on top.

We have added espresso to our fresh locally roasted coffee — served every day. We now can serve you espresso, cappuchinos or lattes, as well as making you an incredible cafe mocha combining a shot of our sipping chocolate, a shot of espresso and creamy, steamed milk.