Happy Summer!

To me,  this is summer. I grew up in Eastchester, N.Y. One of the best things about it was that there was an ice cream opportunity around every corner.  We had Schrafts, an old fashiioned Soda Parlor.  There was Jahn’s famous for the Kitchen Sink and free sundae’s on your birthday, I always got the Peach Melba.  We had Woolworth’s with their huge counter and the balloons filled with prices.  If you popped the right balloon you got your banana split for free!  There was Bob’s, the local luncheonette, where you could get the little dixie cups filled with half vanilla, half chocolate ice cream with a lift off lid and a wooden spoon.  We had Friendly’s where you could get not only a Patty Melt, but all sorts of ice cream concoctions including the amazing Reeses Pieces sundae.  It was a 5 scoop masterpiece in a goblet swmming in peanut butter sauce, fudge sauce, marshmallow sauce and topped with Reeses Pieces.  This was the only reason I enjoyed exercising at Susan Marlowe’s Fitness Salon…Friendly’s was a short wak away, and our treat for sweatin’ to the oldies…which weren’t oldies yet! There was also the bakery with Italian Ice scooped into a little paper cup.  These were all within walking distance to my house. If the 2 or 3 block walk to any of these ice cream meccas was too much, the Good Humor man would come right to our house and 35 cents would get you the most exotic item in the truck!

With all these ice cream memories is there any wonder I have been nuts (no pun intended) about getting just the right ice cream here at Chocolations?  I finally have it.  After many years of pining for it, I finally am carrying Longford’s Own-Made Ice Cream.  It is as rich and creamy as my childhood memories are of my favorite ice cream parlors best flavors.  I make probably the best hot fudge sauce you will ever taste right here in the shop.  We also have a huge variety of toppings and if there is something you are dreaming about, we probably have it in the shop and can accomodate your sweet dreams.  I even found the Reese’s sauce used at Friendly’s if peanut butter is your thing.

So who else has some happy memories of any of these places?  I haven’t even mentioned all the other great ice cream places we would drive to.  That will be another post for another day. For now, why not celebrate the first day of summer with a scoop or two?