Introducing Paleo Truffles

So what on earth is a Paleo truffe? I know how to make a truffle. In fact, we were awarded the Best Truffle in Wetchester in 2008. But a Paleo truffle? My son presented me with this challenge. He is one of those top physical specimens who does Cross Fit training and is big into the Paleo diet which is the diet the cavemen ate…hence the name Paleo. It consists of meat, no sugar (what?) no dairy (huh??) no wheat…oh this is too much for me to comprehend. My diet consists of candy, cupcakes and ice cream. The one thing I love more than candy, cupcakes and ice cream is my son, so I decided to give it a go. I took a trip to Trader Joes and plunked down what used to be a car payment (healthy don’t come cheap) on raw honey, coconut oil, coconut milk and raw almonds. Of course I already had 100% cacao in my shop, so I was ready to experiment. My chocolatier, (we call her Little Maria) and I set out to make a ganache that could be rolled in nuts and later, one rolled in unsweetened coconut.

The result was a ganache with an excellent consistency and mouth feel and deep rich chocolate flavor with a hint of coconut that we feel will be a hit with the healthy crowd!