Chocolations Chocolate Surprise Box

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With subscription box services all the rage these days, it made us think – why? The simple answer is in this age of email and texts it’s still fun to get something in the mail. What could be more fun than chocolate..and what’s more fun than a chocolate surprise!

You will get at least a half-pound of chocolate…sometimes more. There will be a variety of our best selling items in different flavors. Most will come packed in small bags or boxes so you can try or share a variety of things all month long.

The chocolates will be customizable, but not predictable. In other words, you or your recipient will tell us their likes and dislikes and we will take care of the rest.

You will tell us ahead of time if there are things you or your recipient are allergic to. We will let you know up front if there are any allergies we cannot accommodate. Our chocolates are not made in an allergy free environment.

We will not ship chocolate during the heat of the summer, or to locations with temps over 85 degrees. We will always ship the products we think have the best chance of arriving in perfect condition.