Valentine’s day is almost here! Did you get a card yet?

Don’t worry, that’s the easy part. More importantly, have you picked out the chocolate yet? Of course you haven’t – otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this! But it’s a good thing you are reading this, because Chocolations has the best chocolate for Valentine’s Day! You’re going to be an all-star this year!

Here’s what we’re suggesting this year:

Only for Valentine’s Day Experts:

3 words:




We’re serious about our chocolate covered strawberries. You can find out why here, but the short story is that there is a HUGE difference between fresh strawberries recently dipped in luxurious chocolate, and even 1 day old strawberries. To that end, we want to make sure the strawberries we sell you are the freshest possible.

Make sure to get them before we run out! If you pre-order by February 8th, we’ll take 10% off!

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Any Other Options?

Sure! Make your own special gift. Choose from 7 of our delicious options to create the perfect assortment of your Valentine’s favorite chocolates. We even have a special Valentine’s Day bar! Make it extra special by including a personalized note! We offer 2 inserts per box, 3 inserts per box, or 6 inserts per box. Check them out here!

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