Valentine’s day is almost here! Did you get a card yet?

Don’t worry, that’s the easy part – we have those for you. More importantly, have you picked out the chocolate yet? Of course you haven’t – otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this! But it’s a good thing you are reading this, because Chocolations has the best chocolate for Valentine’s Day! You’re going to be an all-star this year!

Here’s what we’re suggesting this year:
Get a couple boxes of chocolate bark. Shop here

Make your own special gift. Choose from 7 of our delicious options to create the perfect assortment of your Valentine’s favorite chocolates. We even have a special Valentine’s Day bar! Make it extra special by including a personalized note! We offer 2 inserts per box, 3 inserts per box, or 6 inserts per box. Check them out here!


3 words:




We’re serious about our chocolate covered strawberries. You can find out why here, but the short story is that there is a HUGE difference between fresh strawberries recently dipped in luxurious chocolate, and even 1 day old strawberries. To that end, we want to make sure the strawberries we sell you are the freshest possible.

Make sure to get them before we run out!