Women and Chocolate Shoes

What is it about women and shoes? Why do we love them so? They can transport us home like Dorothy’s ruby red slippers, or bring Prince Charming to his knees like the glass ones did for Cinderella. In our store, nothing earns as many oohs and ahhs as our chocolate shoes. They are about the same as a women’s size 6 narrow, made of solid milk, dark or white chocolate and decorated whatever crazy way I feel that day. My favorites are the ruby reds shown below, but we have been known to embellish with all black sprinkles for a black patent leather look, or paint on designs for a real custom shoe. I will even paint the bottoms red for a Louboutin effect.

A dear friend of mine and I went shoe shopping last night. It was a spur of the moment thing, tremendously fun, and it got me thinking what a great girlfriend bonding experience shoe shopping is. It is also the quickest pick-me-up, and wardrobe enhancer at not so steep a price…especially if you are like us and shop for sales and bargains. It must be this type of pleasant experience that is brought to mind when a woman comes in and sees one of our chocolate shoes. They get almost giddy.

I am amazed at how many shoe themed bridal shower favors we have been asked to do over the years. I usually ask when coming up with a favor idea, “what is your daughter into?” The answer most times is “shoes” Next time you are looking for a fun and unque gift for the shoe freak in your life, why not a chocolate shoe? Trust me, it will always be the right size!